Village Capital

Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvent the system to back the entrepreneurs of the future. Our vision is a future where business builds equity and long-term prosperity.

The innovation economy is broken. But there’s good news: the ideas that will solve our biggest problems are hiding in plain sight.

Entrepreneurship is a critical tool for solving the world's biggest problems. But right now, a handful of people in a handful of cities are deciding which entrepreneurs get a chance to succeed. That means that a lot of impactful solutions are not getting the support and resources they need to scale.


of global venture capital goes to female founders


of venture capital in the US goes to Black/Latinx founders


of global VC goes to three US states: NY, MA and CA

The result? A monoculture in tech. Investors dumping billions of dollars into photo-sharing apps and food-delivery services that are solving problems for only a wealthy sliver of the world’s population, while global challenges in health, food security, and education grow more serious.

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For more than a decade our team at Village Capital has been designing, testing and sharing  tools and processes to correct this imbalance and drive more investment to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

Why? Because we believe that a diversity of backgrounds leads to a diversity of ideas, and diversity of ideas leads to a diversity of solutions.


We’re coaches.

We run accelerators and bootcamps that teach entrepreneurs how to speak the language of investors. Our initial innovation, peer-selected investment, is a radical bottom-up due diligence process proven to mitigate implicit bias.

We’re connectors.

Our founding charge to “democratizing entrepreneurship" has built a network that is broad, deep and diverse: we are now the best-networked organization in the field of impact investing. We have team members on the ground on five continents and more than 1,100 alumni entrepreneurs.

We’re catalysts.

We build ecosystems, shape markets and drive investment into mission-driven startups that advance environmental sustainability, improve financial health and shape the future of work.

In our next ten years, we’re focused on being an R&D lab for the innovation economy. We’re shaping how others invest, building supportive networks and communities for entrepreneurs, illuminating market opportunities for investors and corporate partners, and building capacity in entrepreneurial support organizations around the world.

Ultimately, we want to bring more people and more perspectives into the global engine of entrepreneurship.

Will you join us?